Barry County drain cleaning.

Barry County Drain Cleaning. Hastings, Middleville, Delton, Nashville, Yankee Springs, Free Port, Woodland, Dowling, we service all of Barry County for all of your drain cleaning needs from high pressure water jetting to cable rodding for all of your clogged drains. We have all the equipment for all your drain cleaning needs when you need us 24/7.

We have TV inspection

Pipes that are in questioned do to possible bad line or offset joints. We can also trace out the pipe and mark the spot in questioned on the ground to be fixed. Hastings, Middleville have several sewer pipes that are clay tile outside of the home that can become brittle over time as the roots penetrate through the clay tile which is not good for your sewer pipe. Drain cleaning is what we do. Let the pros clean your clogged pipes today when you need your sewer & drains cleaned.

The service technicians will have 130 feet of cable on there sewer machines and can add more cable if needed. Most homes in Barry County have an average run to the street of about 85 ft. We have different size cutters for different size drains to ensure a good drain cleaning. When it is possible we can run a 4inch expanding cutter that opens to a 6inch for lines that have a transition from 4 to 6inch.


Barry County Drain Cleaning plumbing

We do offer a no dig sewer repair when you need it.

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Barry County Drain Cleaning

Sewer repair without digging it up when you don’t want your lawn or driveway dug up.

When you don’t want your property disturbed either in the home or yard we have the solution trench-less sewer repair.

Hastings, Hasting charter twp. Middleville, Freeport, Carlton, Woodland, Rutland charter twp. Yankee Springs, Nashville, Maple Grove, Cloverdale, Orangeville, Prairieville, Delton, Hickory Corners. Call us today for same day service.


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liner inside old pipe to create your new drain pipe

Barry County drain cleaning Hastings, MI. Middleville, MI. Delton, MI. Nashville, MI. Yankee Springs, MI. Free Port, MI. Woodland, MI. Dowling, MI. Call us when you need us for 24/7 Sewer & Drain Cleaning service.

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