Grand Rapids Drain Cleaning

Grand Rapids Drain Cleaning 24/7 is what we do best 616-406-7310. Our Highly trained service technicians at Budget Drain Cleaning can handle all of your clogged drains.

We will put our 40 plus years to work for you when you need us.

We have a variety of drain cleaning equipment.

Our trailer jets to our van mounted jets and our cable rodding machines.

We can do commercial and residential drain cleaning.

Service Technicians will have TV cameras to inspect your drain lines and a tracer on the camera to locate your problem areas.

Budget drain Cleaning has a sewer gas leak detection machine to locate when gas leaks come from your sewer pipe.

We offer maintenance programs to keep your drains clean.

Budget Drain Cleaning Offers Maintenance programs to keep you at ease.

Call us today when you need to be rescued by a professional. We can help you 24/7.

Budget Drain Cleaning



Grand Rapids Drain Cleaning gentleman holding camera going into a clean out with camera inspecting the sewer line

TV Camera

We can use the TV camera for inspecting your drain lines when you have issues.

The compromised pipe can be located with the locator and we

can locate the pipe above ground. Technicians will mark the area with paint when it needs to be dug up for repair.

Budget Drain Cleaning offers a no dig sewer repair when you dont want anyone to dig up your yard. We don’t have to have dig anything up like yards or concrete. When you don’t want your yard or driveway dug up this for you. We offer a guarantee for a 30 year guarantee when most plumbers will only give 1-5 years. give.

Grand Rapids Drain Cleaning medium machine on a red cart used for medium size drains

Cable Machine

Cable machine for medium size drains with 50 to 75 ft. of cable mainly for kitchen sink lines and floor drains and some storm drains.

We can use it on your laundry drain line. ( When you have a long run). Some people have the laundry line hooked up to just the dry well and the line can run up to 50 to 60 ft.

Grand Rapids Drain Cleaning Sewer machine on a cart with a 4 inch u shape cutter for cleaning a sewer line

Sewer Machine

The Sewer machine is great for your larger drains lines. This machine will cut out roots out of the sewer line that was causing the back up. We carry about 120 ft. of cable with this machine and have several cutter blades from 1 inch to 6 inch cutter blades. When we have to go mare than 130 feet we can use our sewer machine that will go up to 300 feet.( Grand Rapids Drain) Cleaning

High pressure water jet water blowing out of nozzle cleaning the pipe showing a top view of nozzle in the pipe

High Pressure Water Jet

High pressure water jetting up to 4,000 psi. from our trailer jets to our van mounted water jet.

Hydro jetting is great for industrial and residential when cleaning for cleaning roots to descaling pipes and grease build up in the pipe it will leave your pipes in like new condition on the inside of the pipe. Grand Rapids Drain Cleaning when you need a professional we are there for you. Cable rodding, Drain Snake, TV Inspection, Jetting.

Grand Rapids Drain Cleaning