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Kalamazoo County Drain Cleaning Area for sewer & Drain Cleaning in Kalamazoo, MI. Portage,Vicksburg, Comstock, Galesburg, Richland, Oshtemo, Schoolcraft, Parchment, Augusta, Texas Township, Alamo Township, Michigan for Your drain Cleaning needs

kalamazoo county Drain cleaning eel machine used to rod a main line up to 300 ft

We have industrial machines

Technicians carry these on their vans for those long run to the city mainline this machine can handle 300 plus feet if we have to go the distance and most other companies do not carry this machine because they can be more work but yet vary effective for those long runs we have used these machines for 40 years and we are not afraid to use them.

Kalamazoo Drain Cleaning drain cleaning compact sewer machine for sewers up to 130 ft

We use this machine when mainlines are clogged.

The sewer machines are a self contained unit with the cable inside the drum. Approximately 130 ft. of cable on each sewer machine. In most cases are able to get to the city main from the c/o inside the home. The service Technicians have different size cutters. We can use different blades ranging from 1 inch to 6 inch.

Sewer and Drain cleaning camera inspection showing roots before line is cleaned and after it has been cleaned showing no roots

The TV inspection for your drain pipes when they are offset because of the ground settling over the years. The camera will show when there is a offset joints where things can hang up causing a back up.

we can inspect your pipe for broken area and trace it out on the ground and mark it where it may need to be dug up for repair.

Kent County Drain Cleanng liner pulled through the pipe about 3 inches past the old pipe showing what the liner looks like after it is cured

We offer a liner that can replace your old pipe with out digging up the ground or busting any concrete. We will be competitive with any plumber and give you a longer warranty than any plumber will give you, there is no seems it is on continuous piece and we can make them as long or as short as we need to. Call us today for an estimate.Thank you for your support we are when you need us 24/7.

Kalamazoo county drain cleaning
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