Kent County Drain Cleaning

Kent County Drain Cleaning is our business and for all of your drain cleaning needs we have all the equipment to tackle any drain line you may have.

We have professionals to handle any drain you may have.

Fast and friendly service from the time we take your call until our technician leave your home.

Our technicians have machines to handle drain lines up to a 6 inch pipe using our cable machines when needed.

We have water jets using high pressure water up to 4,000 PSI. with 400 ft of hydro hose. We have trailer jets and van mounted jets for the smaller drains.

Technicians will have a camera to check out the integrity of your pipe. When there is a issue with the drain line we cleaning. We can also track the line with our tracer to locate the issue if the line is broken or offset.

We offer a nontoxic smoke test for sewer gas leak detection to find your gas leak in your home. The cause of the smell.

Cracked piped.

Bad glued PVC joints.

Broken pipes.




Kent County Drain Cleaning eel machine with cable attached to the machine used to clean a sewer main.

Services Technicians will have different sewer machines from our eel to our self feeding sewer machine.The machines can go up to 300 plus feet. We also have different types of cutter blades from 1 inch to 6 inch main line.

Kent County Drain Cleanng liner pulled through the pipe about 3 inches past the old pipe showing what the liner looks like after it is cured

We offer sewer repair with out having to excavate your lawn or driveway or sidewalk. we will reline your old pipe with a liner that is stronger than PVC. We offer 15 year guarantee on the pipe.

Sewer Gas Leak Detection-Sewer Smell

We can inject a nontoxic smoke in your mainline with our machine generally from the roof vent and once we start our machine we will look for the smoke and pin point it down so the repair can be made.

hydro jet going through pipe cleaning out roots and sediment showing the nozzle heat spraying water out of the head

We have different hydro jets from small to large for residential to industrial drain cleaning. These hydro jets will clean at up to 4,000 PSI.  These are great for grease build or hard heavy scale build up.