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Frozen Pipes And Water Line Thawing

We have the technology to thaw out your frozen pipes as well as your frozen water lines, sewer.

There are several ways to thaw out you pipes and water lines. We have different methods of pipe thawing technology.

high pressure water jets for pipe thawing.

Steam machine for pipe thawing.

Depending on the circumstance every frozen sewer, frozen water pipe and water lines are different in there own way.

We recommend wrapping your sewer pipe and water lines when exposed to the elements. This will help to ensure your plumbing will not freeze.

When plumbing is exposed to the elements they should be wrapped in heat tape and insulation to keep from freezing after we have thawed out the water line and frozen pipes from ice

What Can Happen if your water lines freeze

frozen pipes thawing, Pipe that split beacuse it froze.
frozen pipes thawing, Pipe that has frozen and split.

Don’t let this happen to you. If you don’t take care of your water lines that are exposed to the elements.

When your pipes freeze they will expand and crack your water lines. They need to be wrapped with heat tape and insulated from the elements.

Call us today to wrap your pipes with heat tape and insulation so we don’t have to do any frozen pipe thawing at your home. It will be a lot cheaper to have them wrapped now rather than us to have to come thaw out your frozen pipes.


Frozen Pipes Thawing

We will use our high pressure water jet to thaw out your plugged sewer do to ice and at 3,600 psi it will incinerate the ice as it works it way through the frozen clogged sewer pipe clearing the ice without hurting the integrity of the pipe

Frozen Pipes Thawing Machine

frozen pipes thawing machine.
frozen pipes thawing machine.

This machine will be one of the machines we use when your plumbing is freeze up. It will send a electric current through the pipe from one end that isn’t frozen to the end that is frozen. We will hook up our clamps to send the current through.